Companion animals

In companion animals welfare, we promote responsible ownership first of all, cooperate and have our own projects in humane stray animal population control, transfer knowledge about efficient shelter management.

Farm animals

Information always is the start of improvement that needs to be followed up on with educational measures. We not only participate in first aid in crisis situations, but spread information and prepare educational material about farm animals’ welfare.

Wild animals

We support initiatives to keep wildlife in the wild: no wild animals in circus, zoos and private areas to entertain people.

Who We Are

Non profit organization OPAN (Opus pro Animalibus et Natura) was established in 2012 as a result of the recognition of a need to bring people and organizations throughout the world to develop, raise and ensure animal welfare centrally and in most efficient way. Read more »

What We Do

  • Improving animal welfare
  • Cruelty prevention
  • Animals rights protection
  • Executing educational programs

What People Are Saying

  • "I was very impressed by the work done by Mrs Gudrun Koller, the Manager and Creator of OPAN and her veterinary staff."

    Eva-Christine Bergstrom, Swedish NGO BAC
  • "I am very excited to see such organisation as OPAN spring out in Lithuania."

    Gintare Matuzaite, Gintare Business Solutions Ltd